Residential Service

Residential Services

We really mean it when we say our passion is your digital pleasure. Don't hesitate to contact us regarding the project you've been dreaming of!

Home Theater

We believe that a great home theater is more than just a giant screen and spectacular sound. It is also an artful mix of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics that creates an unmistakable environment. Theaters designed and installed by Digital Interior always embody the sights, sounds, and sensations found in the highest quality movie houses. We feel that the best seat in the house should be yours.

We provide entertainment that could barely be envisioned even ten years ago, and we are committed to providing the expertise necessary to design and build the system of your dreams.

Let us introduce you to the world of the perfectly automated home. A home that is intelligent enough to understand your lifestyle. A home that keeps you and your family entertained, comfortable and secure. A place where your every whim is executed at the touch of a button.

Our approach to system design and the clients we serve is unique. We tailor each system to our client's lifestyle while ensuring ultimate performance. This allows us to offer a system that is truly reliable, easy to use and excels in all performance parameters while being ready for anything new that comes along in the future.

Of course the backyard is quickly becoming the new favorite place for entertaining, relaxing and enjoying friends and family. Digital Interiors knows how to turn your plain yard or patio into a special retreat. For the ultimate in backyard entertaining, let the pros at Digital Interiors design and install an outdoor theater system you'll never want to leave!

Access Control Systems
Fire Systems

Security is a big concern for most homes today. We specialize in state of the art security. Our innovative systems give you total control over who is allowed on your property. All camera angles can be recorded on a hard drive capture system.

In the event of a fire, even if your system is not armed, it will send signals to the central station. We work together with all local fire officials to make certain your system meets all requirements.


Our structured wiring packages enable you to enjoy the best of today's technologies now and well into the future.

We make your home network easy to use and support you when you need us. From desktops and laptops to sharing files, connections and printers to wireless, home entertainment and remote monitoring, we treat your home computing as if it was a mission-critical business. We use enterprise quality components built from the ground up to ensure high performance and reliability. Even better, we can service your network remotely enabling us to handle over 80% of the service required without ever dispatching a technician who knows you and your system.

There are several phases to installing a system in your home:

1) Rough-In - all wiring is installed and tested
2) Trim - all interfaces, keypads, speakers and brackets are installed
3) Final Installation - components are placed.

When the system is functioning, we review its operation with any members of your family so everyone is able to fully enjoy all of its benefits. In every step of system implementation, the Project Manager and our in-house crew work carefully and cleanly, just as if they were building a system for their own home. At the end of each day, the work area is completely cleaned and returned to its original arrangement.

Digital Interiors programming is performed in our facilities by our own trained staff, then tested and commissioned for long-term reliability and simplicity. We incorporate your needs in every step of the process to be sure your system is truly - yours. "The remote is only as good as it's programmer - it's our job to make it easy for you."

The interface to your system is your touch panels. Whether we use purpose-built touch panels, iPads, smartphones, we make sure your controls are intuitive, very responsive and easy to use for every member of your family.