Commercial Services

Commercial Services

Digital Interiors has been delivering commercial audio/video excellence in South Eastern Michigan for over 20 Years. Find out what makes us so special!


At Digital Interiors, our team is driven by a desire for excellence and your ultimate satisfaction. Our approach to system design and the commercial industries we serve is unique and we offer systems and features at all levels. We make sure that each part of the overall design meets our criteria for performance and integrity. We tailor each feature to your business needs, while ensuring ultimate performance. This allows us to offer a system that is truly reliable, easy to use, and one that excels in all performance parameters while being ready for anything new that comes along in the future.

To have your audience carried away by images and reproduced sound is not a simple task, but it's effortless when you let Digital Interiors direct the action. With one touch of a button, the overhead lights fade, the sconces begin to dim, the soundtrack swells and a stunningly clear image fills the video screen. Whether it's a bar, restaurant, or just a conference room. A system designed by Digital Interiors will have all eyes focused forward; your audience or patrons will be mesmerized by every image, and engaged in your presentation. Don't just present your information and audio, make it memorable!

In the hospitality business? Let Digital Interiors make your entertainment options easier and give you peace of mind when you know your establishment is running right. We never overlook the small details. These are the details that get you in trouble down the road. A system designed and installed by us will provide years of uninterupted and care-free service. This is who we are, and it's what makes us stand out above the competition.

Access Control Systems
Fire Systems

Security is top priority for all business owners. From protecting your staff and visitors to mitigating liabilities, a monitoring and recording system is essential. Cameras monitor all spaces with image archiving for future access. All entryways, parking structures and passage doors are under your control. When someone is detected at an entryway, a camera reveals their presence, displays it on designated screens and security personnel then grant or deny access. Our innovative systems give you total control


Entertainment and communication is changing. Today’s business demand high-speed network, communication and video wiring. Music and video downloads, streaming services, on-line gaming, VOIP phone service, business control, and the advent of cloud computing are no longer novelties, they are mainstream. Our structured wiring packages enables you to enjoy the best of today’s technologies now and well into the future.

We make your business network easy to use and support you when you need us. From desktops and laptops to sharing files, connections and printers to wireless business entertainment and remote monitoring, we treat your business computing as if it was a mission-critical business. We use enterprise quality components built from the ground up to ensure high performance and reliability. Even better, we can service your network remotely enabling us to handle over 80% of the service required without ever dispatching a technician who knows you and your system.

Digital Interiors programming is performed in our facilities by our own trained staff, then tested and commissioned for long-term reliability and simplicity. We incorporate your needs in every step of the process to be sure your system is truly tailored to your business.